Riding the Waves of Culture (4th edition)
Support pages for readers

Here readers can access more about the numerous online tools and Apps developed by the authors and their research team around its unique conceptual frameworks of culture and culture based dilemmas.

These APPs are intended for further interest and learning about all aspects of culture in business for readers and to support the consulting process by providing novel interactive diagnostic and learning relevant to specific consulting assignments. Typically they would be used individually by client respondents prior to or during (or after as follow-up) client based workshops or conferences. As explained in the body of the book, the THT consultant can provide online summary findings from reviews of the anonymous data.

Readers can review demo versions of the Apps from the links provided on this web site as well as live versions of some Apps.
Culture for Business App

Explore the your own cultural orientation compared to other cultures.

 Overview and rationale 

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The Culture for Business App is based on Fons Trompenaars’ Seven Dimensions of Culture model and is supported by data on the cultures of over 140 countries. It provides business travellers, (international) managers or any kinds of individuals who are interested in understanding other cultures with specific tips for meetings, management and negotiations.

Read and explore the latest research by Fons Trompenaars on how different cultures are responding to the Coronavirus.
 Open the FREE App  to test your cultural resilience to Covid-19.

 About the book 
The world is facing severe challenges due to the spread of the COVID-19. The fight against the pandemic requires rules and flexibility, stability and change, individual freedom and collaboration, etc. This test measures your resilience for the COVID-19 by giving you an idea of how you are responding to this pandemic and gives you personalised tips.
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