Covid-19 Resilience Test

During the start of March 2020, work on the book COVID-19: Dilemmas and Solutions and its translations which was informed by the Resilience test started. It aimed to show how the connection between the development of people first as individuals, then as teams and across the organization with the constant renewal of talent and the motivation of the workforce will distinguish high from low performing organizations. Have a view of the book, start the test yourself, get a profile and read the research report.

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Organizations often focus on systems and process changes. 

But the key message from Trompenaars Hampden Turner’s research is the importance of behaviors and actions by team members that can lead to a supportive climate that respects and reinforces creativity and innovation that will create more engagement in a business unit with related business challenges.
When creativity is put in the context of realizing business objectives and solving business issues, its results are greatly enhanced. Corporate culture is an important element in managing change/adaptability. More important during the Covid-19 crisis, we are facing new behavioural requirements and in particular we need new ways of working. Corporate cultures vary in the way they think and learn, motivate, change, reward, resolve conflicts and perform. Corporate culture is the result of the relationship of employees to their organizations in respect of these variations.

It is more important than ever to look at competencies to deal with these challenges whether they be in future skills, risk management, Fintech or other areas, in order to have a better understanding of how organisations can translate the major dilemmas into opportunities for the future. We have developed a test to help diagnose the organizational challenges in the areas of Culture, Design, Process and Technology. This recovery survey is confidential and provides individual participants with a personalized feedback as well as to provide an analysis of next steps for your organization.