Chandraprabha (Chandu) Jha

I joined as an intern during my exchange semester (2019-2020) at the VU Amsterdam and completed my masters thesis in collaboration with THT.  I studied Innovation & Industrial Management MSc (Handelshögskolan, University of Gothenburg, Sweden, 2020), Maritime Management (Chalmers, Sweden, 2019), and Marine Engineering (IMU, India, 2017).  In 2021, I completed a MSc in Digital Leadership, Informatics.

I feel privileged to have interned at THT Consulting and I loved my days there. In fact I used to spend more time at THT office than at the VU. I was working with and being supported by an amazing team.  I would say that it changed my life and approach.  Everywhere I go I automatically try to think in dilemmas. I use the dilemma and 4R’s approaches when trying to address societal and business issues whilst building up my startup and helping other startups as Product and Innovation Consultant in Sweden. It works everywhere.

As of 2021, Chandu is the Business Analyst Graduate Trainee at Volvo Cars in Gothenburg and sitting on the board of Young@Volvo.