Lucas de Jong de Abril

My internship starting with my Masters graduation project (Delft University of Technology) in Design for Engineering in Feb 2019.   I saw an internship recruitment poster on the question of designing a culture game and got interested in this project in particular because of its connection with the business world – having never worked with a target group in the business context before and was especially interested in learning how to design a game for THT by doing.  After reading the project brief, I felt that I had grown a smile on my face. I was alone in the hallway smiling at the poster and the rest is history.  A game concept was developed, THT supported the process very well and the diverse team was collaborative and fun.  After I graduated in July 2019, Fons offered me a fixed term position for a year as a technology officer.  The design of the game is now at the next stage of developing into a MVP for launch.   I developed during my time at THT and the experience provided a platform to understand where my next steps are.  I now continue to design for clients with my company.

Lucas has progressed to becoming a Full-stack Developer at blackbear.