First published in 1997 and still going strong in 2020

Updated to address radical changes in politics, society, economics and tech.

Extremely proud of Fons Trompenaars and our esteem colleague, Charles Hampden-Turner supported by our esteem knowledge partner, Peter Woolliams for this seminal book. 

Book version

Now in its 4th edition, the book to date, has sold over 200,000 copies and has been translated into amongst others French, German, Dutch, Korean, Danish, Turkish, Chinese, Russian, Japanese, Hungarian, Estonian and Portuguese. A Spanish version and a possible Italian version are in discussions.


There’s so much more to the role of culture in business than etiquette and local customs. Recognizing its importance―and providing a clear-eyed look at how it works in real-life scenarios―is why Riding the Waves of Culture became essential reading when it was first published in 1997.

While knowledge of customs and etiquette can help you avoid gaffes in other locales, it doesn’t explain why pay-for-performance works some places but not in others. Or how organizational methods that don’t “fit” locally will slowly and silently break down―even if there was no pushback from the local managers or employees.

Riding the Waves of Culture, Fourth Edition retains its in-depth exploration of the underlying cultural frameworks that affect leadership, effectiveness and innovation across cultures. With new information and evidence-based insights on critical business matters, it offers insight on the effects of immigration, generational differences to the development of multi-cultural societies, and more. Also new in this edition: access links to more information and online tools―including country culture scores for research purposes.

The most thoroughly researched and highly respected resource of its kind, Riding the Waves of Culture does more than help you stay afloat in today’s diverse work environment; it provides the knowledge you need to seize the advantage and compete for the long run.

You will also have the opportunity to test our digital tools and be provided with resources – all in the book.