Generation for Business Tool

Across the globe employees of different generations have diverse, technological capabilities, management preferences and expectations and find themselves at different career stages. These different viewpoints and preferences impact how teams work and managers lead their people.
The tool is based on Fons Trompenaars’ Seven Dimension of Culture model and is supported by data on the cultures of over 140 countries. 

What is the purpose?

The Generation for Business Tool provides managers with a better understanding of an detailed information on the differences between generations. It provides managers or anyone who is interested in understanding other generations with specific tips for communications, management, motivating, education and training.

When should it be used?

It can be used as a self‐learning tool to understand and deal with cultural differences in business, but it can also be used as a culture encyclopaedia. Whenever a cross‐cultural issue appears, this online tool can be used to look for immediate answers.

What makes the tool unique?

Tips are dependent on delta between generation and country of choice scores.

Compare your profile with other countries.


Included in the  Culture for Business Tool
together with the Gender for Business Tool