Globalization Readiness Scan

The Globalisation Readiness Scan enables respondents to consider and reflect on their organizations’ readiness to be effective in international/global business. It uses the THT construct and model of Reconciliation to analyse responses from multiple choice questions on the way in which their organization and various functional disciplines operate across the world. Supplementary questions enable responses to be cross referenced with the corporate culture and other aspects of global business performance and strategy.

Respondents consider both the actual situation and ideal modes of operation for their organization. For the organization, it is particularly suited to reviewing actual or intended strategic alliances, take-overs and mergers with organizations of different national and corporate cultures. In addition, a range of options are presented to be considered by the organization in terms of possible changes in modes of working, systems or structure to realize true globalization.

Research by THT demonstrates clear linkages between modes of business operation and bottom line business results.