Organization Culture Profiler

There are two main dilemmas at the core of each business, which we use to model the corporate culture. Using this method we can compare different organizations and elicit their dilemmas. We do this using our Organizational Culture Profiler.

What is the Organizational Culture Profiler?
Based on the four culture types model from Fons Trompenaars, the Organizational Culture Profiler is a multi-functional instrument aimed at diagnosing the dominant culture of the organization using 4 typologies: 

  • Incubator
  • Family
  • Guided Missile and
  • Eiffel Tower.

It is a simple way to capture and benchmark the dominant perceptions of one's organization in respect of its CURRENT and IDEAL corporate culture and indicates the preferred or envisioned culture in which they would like to work. It focuses specifically on Corporate Effectiveness (towards mission/goals), Efficiency, Loyalty, Learning, Leadership and Values, as well as possible other areas as per the request of the individual client.

What is the purpose?

To define the gap between the CURRENT and IDEAL corporate culture and help identify the dilemmas between how the employees experience the company and how they would like it to be. It helps define the main levers to pull for cultural change. An alternative use is defining the difference between two different organisations or groups of people in an integration process such as in a M&A.

What makes the tool unique?

It makes the shared organizational assumptions explicit. By providing a rigorous assessment of key issues rather than assumed needs, it offers a roadmap for future actions. The profile can be benchmarked against our cultural, industry or sector databases.

When should it be used?

The Organizational Culture Profiler can be used as a pre-assessment for organizational integration or as a means of identifying the areas of an organization that require changing in order to move from the CURRENT to IDEAL corporate culture.​It is the ideal tool in the areas of mergers & acquisitions, strategic change, diversity, globalization or other related issues.

Example output graph
Graph Organizational Culture Profiler
Person oriented
Task oriented
Guided Missile (Task)
Incubator (Person)
Family (Power)
Eiffel Tower (Role)